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In “Blink*” Malcolm Gladwell explains the human mind’s remarkable ability to arrive at truth instaneously. The book’s first story involves a Greek statue scientifically proven to be authentic . . . except that every human expert who sees it instinctively knows something’s wrong. Turns out, of course, that the humans are right and science is wrong. The statue was a fraud.

When I first heard the story of the AF1 fly-over of New York City that created panic on Wall Street, I immediately, instinctively knew that it the publicity photo story was wrong. Fraud. Lie. I wasn’t alone. In fact, you couldn’t squeeze all the skeptics onto Manhatten Island.

Since then, the White House has, through its inept cover-up, provided much evidence that we, the skeptics, were right. Ann Althouse has some compellingly inconclusive observations about the photo released on Friday, along with news that someone of insignificant position was fired over the matter.

But this is just staring me in the face, and I feel required to say what I see. The pieces don’t fit. I want to know more. The Caldera resignation does not turn the page. Who was in Air Force 1?

Her closing paragraph, quoted in part above, sounds remarkably like the questions and comments of Greek statuary experts Gladwell quoted. The quotes came during a period when the statues were still scientifically considered authentic. The experts did not doubt the science. They simply knew the science was wrong. (Read “Blink*” to understand what I mean by that seemingly contradictory statement.)

I am not a conspiracy guy. In fact, I think conspiracy theorists suffer from some mental disorder that will someday have a name. But Ann Althouse is absolutely right on this, and everyone who spends 2 minutes thinking about the story knows she’s right.

Something is missing here. It might something small and stupid that the White House should have released immediately. It might be, instead, something frightening and sinister for which the White House should gain a new occupant. Early in an administration, both incompetence and treachery are possible. The case of the AF1 fly-over involves something Obama doesn’t want us to know. And by “us,” I mean the American people–however they voted in November.