Month: June 2009


James Hansen Lies and Defrauds Even More

Watts Up With That has a graph illustrating the ridiculous extent to which James Hansen has gone to perpetuate his global warming myth. Hansen has rewritten US temperature data of the past 2 centuries–as if he was there. It’s time for NASA to fire Hansen. The DOJ should open a fraud investigation. Link:

Limited Government

Obama’s New Era of Secrecy

As a candidate, Barack Obama swore he would throw open the activities of government to light of public scrutiny.  In his inauguration, he swore to disclose everything.  As President, he has instituted strict rules of secrecy on White House actions–except those of his predecessors. Now, Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff, no friend of the right, notices the …


Boycott David Letterman’s Sponsors

If you don’t know why, then you’re reading the wrong blog. The New Agenda is keeping tabs on sponsors of David Letterman’s show.  I have already told T-Mobile that I will cancel may $120 month service (paying the penalty) if they don’t stop advertising on The Late Show by July 15. Top names on the …


Missouri News Round Up

Lefty Blogger Political Incest Since the November elections, Missouri state government has been infested with former left-wing bloggers, according to 24th State.  More news on the revolving door between FiredUp and Nixon/Carnahan junta to follow on 24th State blog. Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference Dana Loesch and Bill Hennessy were privileged to participate in a Social …


The End of Business; The End of the Republic

While the Tea Party movement was and remains non-partisan, the dangers to freedom posed by this man, Barack Obama, are too serious to protect his name with euphemisms.  The Tea Party movement is the only active resistance to this administration’s dictatorial seizure of power. Today, a government official leaked plans for a permanent government takeover …