Fox 2 News St. Louis Lies About Tea Parties **UPDATE**

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Charles Jaco of Fox 2 News in St. Louis filed a fabricated story claiming that a) the St. Louis Tea Party is organized by something called The Constitution Party, and b) the Constitution Party is an extremist, white supremacist group.

I will say only this:

  1.  Neither Dana Loesch nor I is a member of the Constitution Party.  I did not know of such an organization before April 14, 2009

  2.  The Constitution Party did not sponsor, organize, or advise the organizers of the St. Louis Tax Day Party or the February 27th Tea Party

  3.  I have no evidence that The Constitution Party is a white supremacist group

  4.  Charles Jaco has no evidence contradicting any of the above assertions

In short, Jaco lied.  Every person attending today’s Tea Party in Kiener Plaza at 6:30 p.m. deserves an on-air apology by the general manager, Spencer Koch.   

UPDATE:  I just spoke a manager at KTVI.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM TEA BAGS.  I didn’t realize that they handle suspicious packages as carefully (FBI) as the government.  My stupidity at play here, folks.  I’m sorry.  

If you have already followed my bad advice,  please email.  I’ll contact the station and let them know.  

Again, my apologies to you and to Channel 2

If you would like to see such an apology, contact Channel 2.  In fact, why not send them some tea bags?

Station Contact Information: Mailing Address: FOX 2 KTVI 2250 Ball Drive  Saint Louis, MO  63146 Main Station Phone: 314-213-2222 (Main KPLR Phone: 314-447-1111) Assignment Desk Phone: 314-213-7831 Newsroom E-mail: