The Anti-American Presidency

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Barack Obama’s shameful and anti-American behavior this past weekend in Europe deserves the kind of scorn reserved for degenerate traitors like Benedict Arnold, the Rosenbergs, and Alger Hiss.

On Thursday in London, the President of the United States transferred America’s economic sovereignty from we, the people, to a small group of European central bankers.

In the words of former Clinton staffer Dick Morris, Obama “nullified the Declaration of Independence.” Specifically, Obama signed an agreement to create the Financial Stability Board comprised of European central banks and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. The FSB shall have the authority of “regulation and oversight to all systemically important financial institutions, instruments, and markets…[including] systemically important hedge funds.”

Having singlehanded, and in violation of the Constitutional requirement of obtaining the Senate’s advice and consent for treaties, Obama went on to the continent to humiliate and denigrate his country.

Describing the United States—the country of which he is head of state and of government—to European students, Obama saidAmerica has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” to its allies.

Next, Obama promised to begin** unilateral nuclear disarmament**, leaving the whole world naked in the face of aggression from malevolent super-powers and rogue states like North Korea, Iran, and, potentially, Pakistan. Obama’s disarmament promise came hours after North Korea test-fired an ICBM capable of reaching Hawaii or Alaska.

Finally, faced with brazen hostility from North Korea, Obama turned, not to his own power as President of the most powerful economic and military country the planet has ever known, but to effeminate and corrupt United Nations.

I have few human feelings for this shadow of a man. He is stupid, arrogant, childish, spoiled, naive, and dangerous. He has sold the greatest nation on earth to envious European bureaucrats in order to obtain for himself the fleeting praise of shallow people. He has, with the help of millions of selfish and dimwitted American voters, undone 230 years of American progress and centuries of Western philosophical thought. His work would not be more effective had he gone back in time and convinced the mothers of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Locke, Rousseau, Adam Smith, and Thomas Jefferson to obtain late-term abortions.

There is one distinction between Barack Obama and the traitors I named at the top of this post. The others failed to bring about the destruction of the United States. Obama succeeded.

Now it falls on us—the Americans—to restore the republic Obama destroyed.

NOTE: When I wrote this on election night, I was only half serious. Many of these “predictions” were mere sarcasm. In other words, Obama’s march toward totalitarianism is worse than my exaggerations!

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