Obama Exercises Dictatorial Power by Firing GM CEO

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Barack Obama has asserted his dictatorial powers by firing GM CEO Rick Waggoner. The firing of a company’s chief executive by a US president should send chills down the spine of every American. This is totalitarianism defined.

While Hennessy’s View has been critical of Waggoner’s leadership at GM, we oppose illegal and unconstitutional dictatorial powers in the hands of any US president.

Nothing in the Constitution permits a sitting president to direct a private company. For that matter, the Constitution prohibits the US from owning stock in private companies.

The precedence is remarkable. Under its newly acquired, unconstitutional powers, the government could buy a minority position in any US company and replace its management team with hand-picked cronies.

American’s should sign up for a Tax Day Tea Party in their area immediately. They should also flood local media with their view that the Constitution, not a two-bit dictator, should control government activity.

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