The Embarrassing Michael Steele

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The parish or congregation that’s most generous at the collection basket is not necessarily the church that sends the most souls to heaven. Nor is the best attended church the one that saves the most. Yet the purpose of every Christian congregation is to put souls through the Pearly Gates, not to put butts in pews.

Michael Steele’s GOP made much, last week, of the fact that his party raised more money in February than did the Democrats. Yet, how much money the GOP raises and spends is of value to the republic only if the GOP’s purpose is to preserve (or restore) that republic. In its current composition, the Republican party seems as willing to shred the Constitution and the rule of law as its supposed nemesis.

The Constitution was the animating document for our government. It authorizes others to do particular things on our behalf, and it explicitly prohibits those people from doing anything else. It is a specific, or limited, power of attorney attested by each of us to the federal government. When the government exceeds those explicitly authorized activities, it breeches the law and our trust.

The Democrat party, being an organ of what Mark Levin calls “statism” and what I call communism, hates the Constitution. The GOP under Michael Steele claims to love the Constitution, believes it loves the Constitution. But the GOP loves the Constitution the way congregants loves the church that makes them feel best about their sinfulness.

Political salvation is as simple to define and as difficult to achieve as theological salvation. In one, we must simply live, believe, love, and pray according to the example of Christ; in the other, we must reject the arbitrary rule of other men. Anything less results in slavery—slavery to the devil or slavery to the state.

One more thing: if God intended us to be free, as our Declaration states and as we all claim, then do we have the moral option of enslaving ourselves to the state? Is there a dime’s difference between surrendering our political souls to Washington and selling our immortal souls to Satan?

Consider your answers carefully. If you get this one wrong, there could be hell to pay—and all the gold in the GOP’s coffers won’t pay that ransom.

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