America’s Survival Is In Your Hands

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Are you as amazed as I am at how quickly our country has descended into something resembling an oversized banana republic? Consider:

Gangs of thugs freely harass and intimidate AIG employees out of murderous envy

The Obama administration announced its willingness to abandon the US dollar as the international reserve currency

The administration shows no willingness to check China’s menacing military build-up, even though the Pentagon issued a warning just today

Secretary of State Clinton went to Mexico to denounce the US, as if you and I caused the border problems and Mexico’s lawlessness

North Korea shows no fear of the United States as it prepares to test-fire a long-range, nuclear-capable missile

The president of the Czech Republic publically humiliated and denounced our President’s economic plan; and he’s a natural ally of the US

A Treasury bond auction was barely able to dump the US treasuries because no one want American government debt

Congress passed a Marxist youth service bill containing language that allows a bureaucrat to make service compulsory without the consent of the people and prohibits religious expression (12 Republicans supported this bill)

And these are just today’s headlines.

But there’s good news. The Tea Party movement is swelling. On Fox News Special Edition, Bret Bair reported on the MSM’s reluctance to cover the tea parties, citing an Investor’s Business Daily story: “The real reason the major media aren’t interested in these protests is that they don’t agree with them.”

If the major media are against us, we’re doing something right.

The liberals in both parties who run our government seek to maximize their power and minimize ours. They hope to make the United States nothing more than sheepish, cowed, socialist land of myrmidons. No one in Washington will stand up to them.

But we will. We know that man is endowed with rights as natural as breathing. We don’t need college classes on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, anymore than we need classes on waking up. Freedom is our natural state.

Some liberals claim that progress requires that we surrender freedom, individualism, and the time of our lives to an all-powerful government. Sorry, but that’s not progress; that’s regress. If man’s natural state is freedom, bondage is not a step forward.

Large numbers beget large numbers. If 20,000 people were to show up at Kiener Plaza on April 15, no news agency could ignore it. Traffic would be backed up for miles. If 100,000 attend the July 4 Tea Party in St. Louis, the whole world will notice.

Don’t stop recruiting. We need the participation of every person who yearns freedom and human dignity, regardless of party affiliation or prior understanding of his or her ideology. Conservatism isn’t political—it’s moral.

In his introduction to “God and Man at Yale,” William F. Buckley wrote that the battle between individualism and collectivism is the same battle as God vs Satan, fought on a different plane. Your participation in the Tea Party movement is a moral choice. You and your family should be proud of what you’re doing.

For those of you who haven’t joined, please consider this question: when the gangs of thugs come after your home, when the government taxes 90 percent of your income, when inflation hits 120 percent a year, will you still believe that soccer games and “American Idol” were more important than restoring our republic?

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