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I try not to say or write what I really thing about our President. It isn’t Christian.

But when we were dating, my wife gave me the best advice I’ve ever received: If you really want to cut someone down, say at least one good thing about them, and make it sound sincere. For that reason, I keep in mind that Barack Obama is a fantastic communicator.

Until tonight.

He sucked.

And he sucked on 60 Minutes and on Leno.

What did I never think I’d say? Obama is a terrible communicator.

It’s as if he spent his whole life preparing to run for president. And that’s it. He’s done.

I’m offended when people compare Obama to Reagan, for the same reason I’m offended when people compare their Squirt kids to Wayne Gretzky. But tonight, the difference between the two was stark. Consider this from one of Reagan’s first press conferences as President:

SAM DONALDSON: Mr. President, in describing the continuing recession, tonight, you’ve blamed mistakes of the past, you’ve blamed the Congress; does any of the blame lie with you?

REAGAN: Yes, because for many years I was a Democrat.

Now, I didn’t listen too closely to Obama’s press conference, but I watched it all. I don’t believe he got a single laugh from the press corps–which LOOVVVES him. Reagan never failed to get a chuckle from his press corps, and most of them hated him.

For that matter, compared to our old nemesis, Bill Clinton, Obama looked puny.


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