Tea Party Anthem: MUST LISTEN!

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Accompanying message from Lloyd Marcus:

Hello, it’s Lloyd Marcus, one of the spokespersons for the Our Country Deserves Better Committee. I’m active with this organization because I believe that Conservatism is compassionate and is the true path to achieving the AmericanDream. Liberalism weakens the human spirit by encouraging people to view themselves as victims.

Besides political activism, my other great passion in life is as a singer, because that’s one of the things God gave me the greatest passion to pursue. I’ve written a new song that I want to share with you called “American Tea Party Anthem.” I am a strong supporter of the upcoming April 15th tea parties across the nation and I urge you to attend the one closest to you. Now please take a moment to listen my new song. I hope if you enjoy it that you will share it with others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2H8xHFXC8U


Like you I have been so saddened, angered, frustrated and disheartened by the recent actions of our government. The Obama Administration and congressional leadership are destroying the fabric of our nation, which was to built around the concept of promoting freedom of the individual to flourish, raise families, pursue happiness, and engage in commerce and enterprise with as little government control or intervention as possible.

Instead we have a government that is attempting to create a Nanny State of dependency, where whole sectors of the economy fall under government control. We have a government that is inserting itself into the private sector, bailing out companies at its whim and taking ownership in them and then implementing government dictates on how those businesses are to be run. To add insult to injury the Democrats in Washington, D.C. are running up deficits and debt in a way that no other Democrat or Republican administration or Congress has before it.

And now they want to raise our taxes to pay for a mess that we the American people are not responsible for. We did not institute the laws and regulations that pushed banks and financial institutions to give sub-prime mortgages to people who could not pay them - Bill Clinton and his supporters did that during his administration. We didn’t ask them to do it, but they didn’t care what we thought.

We didn’t ask the government to bail out financial institutions that had been poorly managed, in fact polls showed the American public vehemently opposed the bailouts. Then the government flouted us even more by extending bailouts to automobile companies as well. Huge sums were then diverted to foreign banks via Obama’s “stimulus bill” that he forced through by insisting it was the only thing that could save America from certain unimaginable troubles.

But they weren’t done. They then told us we had to pay for our neighbor’s mortgages plus our own mortgages. And even if our neighbor finally paid back their debt, that money wouldn’t be refunded to the taxpayers.

And just when you thought they couldn’t be any more defiant of the taxpayer and galling in their shamelessness, they then announced they were giving even more taxpayer money to AIG.

They haven’t been listening to ‘We The People’. They’ve blown us off, pursued harmful, reckless, freedom-depriving policies, and yet they expect we the American people to foot the bill for their follies.

No more. Enough is enough! I am proud as both an individual American and a member of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee to be fighting back. And again, the best way I knew how was through song. Please listen to “American Tea Party Anthem” if you haven’t already done so. I am hoping this song can sweep the nation and serve as a rallying cry for others to join our movement to fight back for the good of our great nation.


With shared love for our country, I thank you for taking the time to read my words and listen to my new song.


Lloyd Marcus, Proud Black Conservative