According to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, I'm Probably a Terrorist--and so are you

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The Missouri Information Analysis Center produced a report for Jay Nixon which was leaked by Missouri law enforcement officers. Perhaps the motivation for leaking was the chilling content of the report. The report classifies almost every conservative as a terrorist or potential terrorist. It encourages law enforcement to profile me and everyone like me.

Any of these “warning signs” could cause Missouri police officers to pull you over and handle you as a suspected terrorist: * A Pro-Life bumper sticker * A Ron Paul bumper sticker * A flag with “Don’t Tread on Me” * Anti-Tax bumper stickers * Owning a gun * Supporting any 3rd party in any election * Belonging to conservative organizations

Here’s more from “You Might Be A Terrorist If . . .” list * You display or use the “Gadsden Rattlesnake” Flag/Symbol. * You have watched the “Anti-Federal Reserve System” - Zeitgeist Movie. * You support a repeal of the 16th Amendment - the Income Tax. * You supported the candidacy of Representative Ron Paul (R-TX). * You are a member of The Committees of Safety. * You oppose mandatory citizen service for those aged 18 to 24 per Rahm Emanuel’s proposal. * You oppose the Security and Prosperity Partnership being out of the jurisdiction of Congressional oversight. * You support the abolition of the FEDERAL RESERVE private central bank and favor a return to Constitutional money. * You oppose any further restrictions on the inherent right to bear arms. * You have watched Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism” * You oppose any additional bailout bills for failing banks and/or private companies.

Now, read how law enforcement officers are being trained to suspect and monitor anyone who displays any of the above warning signs:

How can an officer tell if he or she is about to have to deal with an anti-government extremist? Sometimes there are no signs at all. But often there are clues that an observant officer can use to help him or her gauge the seriousness of the situation. Ignoring or failing to comprehend these clues can be very dangerous….
Some of the warning signs are obvious; others, less so. Here are some indications that an officer may be dealing with an anti-government extremist:

*Peculiar bumper stickers. There are bumper stickers and then there are bumper stickers. Some companies market stickers to anti-government extremists and these are readily identifiable. Examples from one company based in St. Marys, Kansas, include: “And the Lord said (Luke 11:46,52) ‘WOE to YOU LAWYERS’;” “Free the Slaves, Abolish IRS and the Federal Reserve;” “Our Danger Isn’t Fallout — It’s Sellout;” “Know Your Enemies: They Are Your Leaders!"; “Real Americans Don’t Wear U.N. Blue;” “Joe McCarthy Was Right;” and so on.
Other strange car decorations, including homemade placards and signs in windows or along tailgates. Cars might display “militia identification numbers” on them.

Identifying individuals with this anti-government philosophy is, however, only the first step. Once an officer determines that he or she is involved in some sort of minor or major confrontation with an anti-government extremist, he or she must correctly assess the situation and make decisions that will help to resolve it successfully. Because the nature and type of such confrontations can vary tremendously, the following suggestions are tentatively offered. Some of them are adapted from suggestions made by Assistant Police Chief Roger Bragdon of the Spokane, Washington, Police Department. Chief Bragdon has had years of experience dealing with anti-government extremists.

*Caution should reign. Extremists are often volatile and are often very well-armed. Sometimes they may even have friends in separate cars following behind them. An officer should not hesitate to call for backup if he or she thinks that they may be in a situation involving an extremist. And just as important, the officer should wait for that backup to arrive before putting him or herself at risk.
*Officers should be alert for the presence of concealed weapons at all times. Weapons may be concealed on the subject’s person or in a convenient hiding place. A vehicle may have multiple weapons and hundreds or thousands of rounds of ammunition. If a vehicle has passengers, the officer should be aware that they too may be well armed.

How long before “Tea Party” bumper stickers hit that list?

Your freedom is evaporating quickly. When Obama gets his thug-force funded and armed as heavily as the US military, you can kiss this country goodbye.

Stop him. Stop him, now!

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