James Hansen Indicts Democracy; Can't Find His Rubber Duckies

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James Hansen told some idiots who are bored enough to listen to the world’s foremost global warming fraudster that democracy is destroying the planet. This is the James Hansen who’s been cooking NASA books for a decade to try to cover his 20-year-old error about CO2 and global warming.

Meanwhile, 90 rubber ducks that NASA dropped on Greenland glaciers to track the speed of melting have never made it to the sea. According to our great NASA scientists, the ducks should have emerged in December, 90 days after they were dropped. It’s been 180 days, and the ducks are still frozen on Greenland.

To NASA, this means that someone stole the ducks. To everyone else, this means that glaciers on Greenland are melting at half the speed NASA expected. The experiment is disproved.

Your tax dollars at work.

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