Precarious Imbalance

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There’s some sort of kid’s trick in which a spoon balances improbably—seemingly impossibly—on someone’s nose. Or something. You’ve seen it, haven’t you? Of course, it only works while you hold your head up straight.

That’s America today. In the leadership vacuum created when the left eviscerated George W. Bush in 2006, America’s precarious imbalance seems improbable. Impossible.

Perhaps it is.

Likely it is.

AIG people get bonuses and people are ready to tear down the AIG building. Obama and Geithner apparently knew all along but feigned outrage when you, the people, found out. I’m sure Obama’s mad at himself, too, for taking $101,000 bonus from AIG last year, just as he took $148,000 from Fannie and Freddie, both of which are about to reward their executives with bonuses.

Christopher Dodd snuck in a provision to permit AIG to award the bonuses that enraged the President. Then, according to CNN, Dodd lied about it. When CNN calls a Democrat Senator a liar, there’s no need for a jury trial.

Add to these outrages Obama’s $2 Trillion tax increase on energy and manufacturing, most of which will be siphoned off by the government, redistributed to Obama’s base, and whatever’s left used to fund other socialist initiatives.

Add to cap-and-trade Obama’s confirmed plan to make heroes wounded in battle pay for their own medical treatment.

Add to that another $1.2 trillion that, today, the Treasury Department heaped atop $69 trillion of government debt and obligations.

Add to that the fact that multitudes are preparing to take to the streets on Tax Day to protest the bailouts, the borrowing, and the Bolshevism of Obama’s socialist revolution.

Add all these things, and more, together and you get . . .


The American people are on the verge of full rebellion. Doctors are preparing to quit their profession in droves, the Catholic church is preparing to shut down almost 1/3 of the nation’s hospitals, the American Legion is conducting its most vocal rebellion against a sitting president ever, school teachers are ready to overthrow their administrations.

This isn’t economic unrest; this is the start of a revolution that could get really ugly really fast.

Blame liberalism.

Liberalism told us that we’re entitled to a free lunch. Liberalism told us that others owe us everything we want. Liberalism told us that some unnamed “rich” bastard is killing our kids, screwing our wives, beating our dogs, and selling crack on the street corner.

Liberalism lied, and you poor, ignorant bastards who listened and obeyed are about to find out and hard.

No one living in America today, I’m pretty sure, knows what hyperinflation is like. But we can read about it. It sucks.

No one living in America today knows what civil war is like in a country still full of really tough, rich, heavily armed people. But we can imagine thanks to the movies.

No one living in America today knows how this will end. But we’ll be in tears before it’s over.

The time to choose is coming. The choice is stark, simple, and moral. On one side stand those who live to enslave. On the other side, those who would die for freedom.

There’s still time to pull enough to the side of freedom that the forces of slavery rescind their immoral pursuit of power. There’s still time for the freedom lovers to capitulate and lay their necks on the block. But not much time.

I hate these moments, but they are, after all, why we’re here: We’re here to choose light or dark, good or evil, freedom or slavery, obedience or sin, God or Satan.

The other side doesn’t believe so much in God and never bought the idea of Satan. The other side just can’t see the forest for the trees.

America’s head is pitching forward.

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