Obama invites enemies to our gates

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Since Barack Obama’s inauguration, America’s enemies have achieved gains that should frighten everyone: * Russia reportedly will deploy strategic bombers to Cuba and Venezuela. For the first time, Russia can strike American cities from advanced positions without a carrier battle group. * North Korea will soon test-fire a ballistic missile under the thin veil of “satellite” test * Iran has or will have 4 nuclear weapons with capabilities of hitting Israel from land and the US from sea * Pakistan is growing more violent * Pentagon facing 10 percent budget cut while admitting 2-war strategies isn’t enough wars

Enemies advance when leadership is distracted. Obama and his minions have been focused on borrowing trillions with which to create and perpetuate a socialist scheme in the United States. Those who would like to see the United States crumble as an economic and military power are not only taking advantage of the economic crisis, they are also testing Obama’s mettle.

Campaign Rhetoric Has Consequences

During his campaign, Obama firmly admitted to preferring a Jimmy Carter strategy of good will and appeasement to a Reaganesque approach of peace through strength. While American’s happily ignore Obama’s systematic abandonment of every campaign promise except for socialism, dictators and tyrants do not.

Americans have a long history of ignoring foreign threats unless the dangers seem imminent. Admirable in many ways, this tendency also promotes aggression, which we see everywhere now.

Predict the Future by Learning the Past

To see where all this is headed, just look back at major foreign policy headlines from the latter half of the 1970s. * Soviets invade Afghanistan * KGB funds Marxist junta and guerilla wars in Central America * US Allies lose faith in our willingness to protect them * Terrorists build organizations * Dictators directly challenge US resolve * US economy stagnates * Prices rise due to international instability * America loses prestige * Americans lose hope

If you lived through that era, you know it wasn’t fun. While Americans had become numb to the threat of impending nuclear war, we had also begun to accept that the US would never again be the world-beater we were in WWII and the Cold War. We felt weak and vulnerable.

Never Retreat

Let’s not go back there. We tossed out Jimmy Carter and his empty, faux concern for everything. We hired Ronald Reagan to restore the economy, the military, and the quiet pride that made America the greatest nation ever formed. We went back to work with a purpose, not just to draw a pay check.

Pick Your Battles

The way combat America’s decline is focused attention to the most important things. Pick no more than three causes. For me, they are the Tea Party movement and fighting FOCA. While I’d like to join and advance the many worthy, conservative causes, I can’t be effective in more than two at a time. Some people can handle three. I know of no one who can effectively handle more at one time.

Obama is not focused. His message changes with wind. If we each put all or our political energy into one or two important causes, we will take the House in 2010. We might also eat into the liberal control of the Senate.

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