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We’ve launched to keep non-facebookers up-to-date on the Tea Party movement in St. Louis.

The Tea Party is a grassroots movement that will overthrow Congress in a ballot box revolution in 2010. It gives voice to the silenced conservatives who have been told “shut up and pay your taxes” by administrations and Congresses R and D.

We’ve found our voice.

Tonight I watched Glenn Beck’s launch with a hundred patriots. Many of them are Vietnam veterans whose love of country is unequalled even by my dad’s WWII generation. They refuse to keep quiet any longer.

Please visit the site, comment, and come to Kiener Plaza on the evening of April 15. It’s Tax Day, and you PAID for this protest!

Others gave their lives for it.

Honor them with a generous heart and loud voice.

Bring food for the needy—trucks will be there to take your generous donation.

And God bless you and the great nation you help build every day.

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