Liberal Juan Williams Rips Left-Wing Smear Machine

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Tonight on “The O’Reilly Factor,” liberal journalist Juan Williams sided with O’Reilly and Bernard Goldberg in ripping the left-wing smear machine.

“It’s real, and I’m a victim of it. I have the scars to prove it,” Williams told O’Reilly.

The left-wing smear machine includes The New York Times, Daily Kos, and others. As Goldberg’s forthcoming book, “A Slobbering Love Affair,” points out, this smear machine is a loosely but skillfully orchestrated consortium of radical, anti-American organizations that seeks, not just win at the polls, but to eliminate conservatism and Constitutional government.

What you can do stop them:

  1. Doubt everything you hear or read in the liberal media.

  2. Debunk the discredited global warming (now, climate change) propaganda.

  3. Read and understand the Constitution as written and as affirmed in state legislatures. (Ignore what the Supreme Courts says about it.)

  4. Join the Tea Party movement and attend the Tax Day Tea Party in your area on April 15. (Find an event in your area here. If there is none, start one today.)

  5. Write letters to the editor challenging every article and editorial that promotes socialism, liberalism, or that attacks Judeo-Christian tradition.

  6. Teach your children. Even if you do not home school, you owe it to your children to ensure they know the truth.

  7. Challenge “polite” liberal lies. “We all have to do something about global warming.” “Only the government can save the economy.” “The Republican ideas didn’t work.” They’re all lies. Don’t them hang out there. Be polite but firm. “What makes you say that?” will make the speaker think. If the lies come from a confirmed lefty, ask, “Who told you to say that?”

  8. Get over the anti-bumpersticker mentality. Conservatives, libertarians, patriots need to identify themselves. We are EVERYWHERE but we hide our beliefs.

  9. Fight Barack Obama’s Army of National Socialists. He’s organizing it right now. He’s recruiting your children. And that army will come after everything you have. If you don’t stand up against him and them, they will come down hard on you and yours.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with hoping Obama fails in his mission to turn the US into a socialist country. As his poll numbers fall, he will make more mistakes. Drive down his poll numbers. This isn’t personal; it’s the business of preserving our Republic.

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