Don't Cooperate With Evil

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The Freedom of Choice Act, the most sweeping suppression of religious dissent ever considered in the United States, is poised to pass in Congress. This legislation will put the U. S. government on a collision course with the Catholic church that could fundamentally alter the relationship of the government to religions forever.

The Freedom of Choice Act would make it a crime for a hospital, nurse, doctor, or technician to refuse to take part in abortions. In other words, acting on one’s moral belief would be grounds for arrest, trial, and imprisonment.

If Barack Obama signs this bill, which he co-sponsored as a Senator, every Christian who believes abortion is tantamount to murder will have no choice but leave the medical profession. Moreover, Christians will be compelled to actively seek the political emasculation of Obama through a sweeping overhaul of Congress in 2010. Anything less would constitute moral cooperation with evil.

U. S. Catholic Bishops said in November that they will shutter 624 Catholic hospitals if the bill becomes law.

“It would not be sufficient to withdraw our sponsorship or to sell them [hospitals] to someone who would perform abortions,” Bishop Thomas Paprocki said. “That would be a morally unacceptable cooperation in evil.”

If you think the Tea Party-ers are furious, wait until you see the protests inspired by the most evil legislation every passed in Congress and signed by a president. I cannot avoid comparing the Freedom of Choice Act to Hitler’s final solution of the Jewish “problem.”

The blood-thirst within the Obama administration is palpable. They not only want every possible baby to die, they want to compel everyone to participate in one. Again, from the Post-Dispatch:

After Sebelius' nomination, HHS hinted that it would soon repeal another Bush administration rule — enacted in December — that allowed health care professionals to opt out of providing abortion or birth control procedures on moral grounds.

In another era, Sebelius would hunted down in the streets for gleefully destroying the human life and for forcing the innocent to participate. Seriously, people, this is so evil that it would have made for an implausible movie plot just 20 years ago.

Two sponsors of the bill are St. Louis’s own cowardly congressmen, Russ Carnahan and Lacy Clay. Neither “man” would talk to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters about the bill. Because they’re cowards!

See if they open their mouths when 11 St. Louis area hospitals close rather than cooperating in evil.

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