March 3, 2009

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Time for Michael Steele to Resign

When Republican Congressmen and -women are more conservative than the party chair, it’s time for a new party chair. 

Micheal Steele took his seat and immediately alienated conservatives, the backbone of the Republican party.  By attacking Rush Limbaugh, Steele attacked one of the few people in the US with the courage to speak the truth. 

For five years, Democrats have prayed – PRAYED – that Al Qaeda in Iraq would defeat the US Military. Yes, John Murtha, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrat party rooted for our enemies and cheered American military deaths.

Steele was silent. 

But when Rush Limbaugh rightly states that Obama should fail in his attempt to turn the United States socialist, Steele attacks Limbaugh.  

Steele is spineless.  Let’s call him Michael Tinfoil.

Perhaps it’s time for the Republican party, itself, to disband.  The guilty white men of the GOP have given us a series of failed candidates; they have exiled conservatives; and they have abandoned their bounden duty to preserve and defend this republic.  While in charge of the C’ongress, they spent like drunken Democrats.  Since losing power in 2006, they have continued to hijack Democrat policies.  

Some conservative once lamented that if the Democrats introduced legislation to burn the Capitol to the ground, the Republicans would offer a counter measure to phase the fire in over 5 weeks.  

Michael Steele would light the match.  

It’s time for Steele to resign.