As the World Cools

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Two quick global warming notes.

Arctic Sea Ice Extend Growing

Not too long ago, Al Gore told German school kids that the North Pole, Santa, Polar Bears, and puppies would all be dead and rotting hunks of diseased fleshed in barren, desserts that were once the Arctic Sea by the time they entered high school.  

Turns out that the Arctic Sea Ice Extent for 2007-08 and 2008-09 is pretty much in the average for entire history of measured sea ice extent (1979 to present).  A major sea ice recording center has been out of commission all of 2009, but a second center has had no problems.  MSM, governments, and lying crackpots like James Hansen ignore the fact that ICE IS INCREASING.  See this great piece on Watts Up With That.

James Hansen and the Never-Ending Winter

James “let’s kill all the business people” Hansen and his merry band of doomsday AGW priests and priestesses visited the nation’s capital today for “the largest anti-AGW protest since dinosaurs roamed the land.”  

As you might predict, the event was hampered and dampered by heavy snow and unusually cold temperatures.  Hansen encouraged the assembled children to break laws and destroy the economy.   (They’re good at that last thing.)  Fourteen protesters were treated for frostbite and exposure.  (Kidding.)

So exhale that CO2 proudly, Americans!  The world is getting colder over year.