Obama's Budget Threatens American Sovereignty *update*

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The immediacy of our challenge in defending the Republic against Barack Obama’s socialist,one-world ambitions reached new levels over the weekend.

UPDATE:  The eminent domain story appears to be a hoax.  My apologies.  I found it on several blogs that are generally reliable, so I assume the hoaxter is good at his craft

Eminent Domain Rights to China*

First, as Hennessy’s View has predicted for months, the rate and size of US borrowing has reduced Uncle Sam’s credit worthiness.  China will no longer finance American overspending on America’s word and has demanded collateral.  The President of the United States offered eminent domain rights as collateral.

If the United States is unable meet the terms of its bonds, China will take over American land

*CAUTION:  I should have read more carefully.  This is an unnamed source.  There’s been no named corroboration since story first appeared on 2/28. Repeat with caution.

Eliminating Private Charity

Second, following Saul Alinsky’s manifesto for turning the US into a communist country, Obama’s budget begins the process of eliminating private charities in the United States.  The budget calls for limiting the deductibility of charitable donation for the top 5 percent of income earners. 

Top earners fuel America’s churches and charities.

This should not have surprised me.  Leftist think tanks, like the Stanford Social Innovation Project, have pushed for elimination of private charities for years.   Theses veiled communist front groups believe that only government–and only government by those of their ilk–can properly allocate money.  The fact that the government is six-times less efficient than private charity at getting money to the needy notwithstanding.

According to Generous Giving, a foundation that tracks philanthropy trends, households with incomes above $300,000 annually give 4.4 percent of their income to charity, while those below give just 2.3 percent.  This disparity is exacerbated by the the fact that 4.4 percent of $400,000 is a lot more than 2.3 percent of, say, $150,000.  Moreover, the vast majority, about 70 percent, of all charitable donations come from individuals and families.  By capping donations from the wealthy, Obama hopes to wipe our religious and other private charities, leaving government as the sole provider of relief.

Obama’s Aim is Socialism

Ceding American soil to Red China and eliminating private charities are only two of Obama’s long list of tactics in his war against our republic.  But they are chilling and powerful reminders of the urgency of our quest to keep America free. 

Patriots who believe that governments are instituted among men and derive their just powers from the consent of the governed should take a deep breath and prepare to fight, to sacrifice, to face scorn and ridicule.  The American left will come after you.  But the voices of the men and women who died and suffered to bring to life this grand experiment in self-government will haunt the weak and the timid who choose comfort over truth.

Let’s begin with an 80 percent turnover in the House of Representatives in 2010.  The next Tea Party rallies will be April 15.  Give up that one day for your country.  Do it in the names of those who gave up all their remaining days for your freedom.  Do it in the names of our children and future generations who deserve to breathe the fresh air of the American republic.  Do it for your church and your family. 

Just do it.

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