Obama's Approval in Free Fall

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Obama’s Free Fall

Barack Obama is now less popular than George W. Bush at the same point in their respective presidencies according to Rasmussen.

The poll also indicates that deficits are more important to Americans than anything else.  This could be the result of the Tea Party movement which drew more than 30,000 people in 40 cities to take to the streets over the weekend.

At this rate, Obama’s overall popularity will turn net negative this time next week.

Look for more Democrat defections, as Obama’s popularity is no longer a safeguard against voter backlash for members of Congress.

The Nationwide Tea Party movement plans major events on April 15 and July 4.  The messages are:  

  * Repeal the Pork, and Cut Taxes
  * Repeal the Pork, and Learn the Constitution

Let the Constitution education begin with the Tenth Amendment.