Conservatives Have Felt Suppressed for a Long Long Time

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Here’s an example of the kind of emails I’ve been getting since Friday’s Tea Parties:

I hope you don’t mind me bugging you about this but I’ve been trying to find a group to get involved in that understands that some people have principles and they don’t believe government is the answer to the mess we are in. I would really like any information you have on getting connected with like minded people.

Or the half-dozen people who approached me on the Arch grounds in St. Louis Friday and said, “I’ve been afraid to speak up. I was afraid people would ridicule me or my job would be threatened. When I saw this, I realized I can finally speak my mind.”

Liberal America has waged a 30-year war on free speech in which the only acceptable speech is that which perpetuates liberal lies, slanders conservatism, denigrates the United States, accuses our Armed Forces, ridicules Judeo-Christian values, or vilifies business owners.


I don’t care what liberals think about my views anymore. I won’t go out of my way to pick a fight, of course, but I’m not going to let lies go unchallenged.

I’m sick of living in a country where children are taught to steal from people who have a higher income than they do. I’m fed up with whiny welfare ladies and lords demanding more confiscation from some to benefit others without an ounce of work.

If ACORN put half the energy into productive labor that they put into demanding other people pay their way through life, they’d be richer than Bill Gates.

Health care is not a friggin' right. A right is something you’d have if you were alone an island. There you could say anything you want, build the hut of your dreams, kill the beasts that roam the land and the fish that swim in the sea and lagoon. You could make a rule for yourself that you will rise with the sun each morning, write 10 filthy words in the sand on the beach, and drink 18.5 fluid ounces of the ale you’ve learned to brew using native grasses and grains. All the things you lacked comprise that enormous body of that which IS NOT A RIGHT!

Our government was instituted BY US to ensure that we remained as free as if we were the ONLY PERSON ON THE ISLAND. On the island, you wouldn’t have free health care except for that which you practiced yourself. You wouldn’t have a free home except the one you built yourself. You wouldn’t have a free car unless you managed to build one yourself. You wouldn’t have a court to sanction a gull for his mocking reproaches that offend your self-esteem.

Because our founders understood that other men are far less likely to encroach on your freedom and is government, they gave us Constitution that sets out a very small number of specific tasks which government may perform, forbidding the government from doing anything else. Read the 10th Amendment then Article 1. You’ll start to get it.

And no group has a moral right to steal things from one of its members, even after a fair and democratic vote. Imagine if your co-workers took a vote at lunch and decided that you’ll pay the entire bill no matter what anyone ate. They’re justification, “You had a vote, Phil. It just didn’t go your way. Buck up and pay for our lunches.”

But Congress does just that. It votes to force some people to pay for other people’s lunches! You cannot justify it. You can’t. Smarter people than you have tried and they’ve failed utterly.

So knock of the entitlement crap and the whining about the rich. The rich got that way because the spent less than they earned. Tough formula, huh? If you make $100, spend $80. Next time do the same. And again and again and again. Pretty soon you’ll have a POSITIVE NET WORTH. With America’s savings rate and marginal propensity to consume over the past 20 years, you only need about $100 to be considered rich!

The next time you hear someone say, “The government should do this; why doesn’t the government take care of that?” speak UP. Respond! Say, “You are the friggin' government, honey, why the hell don’t YOU do something about it? If it’s so damned important, then why do you wait for some mindless bureaucrat to fix it? Get off your miraculously spreading rump and take care of it yourself.”

And one more thing for you lying bastards in the national media and the idiots who parrot everything you say: I didn’t even have time to tell my sisters, cousins, nephews, or even my WIFE about this Tea Party thing it happened so fast. I was minding my own damned business last Sunday –something you lefties know NOTHING about–when I decided to put out feelers about having a protest against government spending. So many pissed off people said, “I’m in” that I had no choice but to take my own advice and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT MYSELF!!!!. We conservatives don’t have government bureaus we can go to to stop government stupidity. We have to take matters into our own hands.

And after a week of working 50 hours and organizing a protest on 12 hours sleep in 5 nights, you ignorant bastards accuse me of a) being a friggin' billionaire and b) planning this thing for 2 years! Hell, we got 1,500 people marching in 4 days! If I had 2 years, we’d have taken over Congress!

And we damn well will take over the Congress in 2010, so help me God!

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