Live Blogging Barry's Crappy Reagan Imitation

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The future is ours. Your disgust with the borrowing and spending, your noble desire to restore the republic the founders wrought, those are the real protests. The tea party is in our hearts and souls–the events are just the physical manifestations.  But now, the President:

Ninety percent of live blog posts suck.  So I did my blog readers a big favor:  I tested my quips on Twitter.  Here I present my instant reactions that were good enough to get retweeted.  (You’re welcome.)

  * I wish he'd ask "the Democrat majority to ramrod one-sided legislation through Congress" just once.
  * BHO's funnier if you don't look at him, but Biden makes me laugh. What do I do?
  * socialized medicine! Reminds me--my license plates expire this week
  * If I'm ever prez, remind me to cure a bad disease in every speech
  * I miss the suspense of W sneaking up on "kazakishtan" 
  * When will he thank China for making all this "investment" possible?
  * Read the 10th Amendment, Barry
  * When the hell did borrowing become the lifeblood of the economy?

And the winner . . . 

  * We need to produce more solar power? I'm NOT financing a new Sun!

On Friday, we get our turn to tell the world how it is.