Nationwide Chicago Tea Parties

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St. Louis Tea Party official event page

The list of cities with Tea Party protests scheduled for this Friday, February 27, is growing by the minute. I wanted to point out some important links and facts.

#TCOT and Patrick Leahy have done an outstanding job pulling this together in a very short time. [Facebook]

Thanks to Bill Whittle and PJTV who are doing an top job of covering the events.  (I’ll be a guest on Bill Whittle’s upcoming show.)

I just heard from V**incent David Jericho **of KSGF in Springfield, MO.  He’s rapidly pulling together an event in that city for lunchtime Friday.

Be Effective.  If you go to a Tea Party, please know the theme and talking points.  Be ready to handle the media like a pro.   Your event’s Facebook page will have talking points.  Pick your favorites and have them ready when someone asks why your at the protest and what you want to tell the President, Congress, and your fellow Americans.

Watch the weather for Friday (or whatever day your Tea Party is scheduled).  St. Louis is forecast to be 45 and cloudy, so please dress appropriately.

Bring tea bags, but please don’t pollute.  The tea leaves are bio-degradable; the bags and strings are not.

Bring signs.   Ideas:

  * Stimulate This!
  * Get Out Of My Wallet!
  * $2 Trillion and all I got was a tax increase
  * A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you're talking a real depression
  * Hope and Change looks a lot like Despair and Stagnation

(Please post more ideas for sign slogans.)

Have Fun:  When was the last time conservatives took to the streets in cities all across America?  We’re standing for Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Lincoln, Reagan, even Kennedy.  What would Buckley or Friedman or Ayn Rand say about these times and this legislation?

**Say it for them!  Be their voices. **

Thanks, everyone, for digging in.

More on Malkin.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the plug last night.  (Sorry I’m so late with this acknowledgement.)

Tweet you slogan ideas to #teapartyslogans.