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St. Louis Tea Party? **UPDATE**


Hennessy’s View has joined Top Conservatives on Twitter and is proud to help with:

St. Louis Nationwide Chicago Tea Party

Friday, February 27, 2009
11:00 a.m.
Foot of the Arch Steps on Wharf Street, St. Louis, MO, 63102

The official event sign-up page is

Please, please, please show up in huge numbers.  

Thank you, and spread the word.  We want our money back, dammit!

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(Sorry this post is sloppy, but events are developing rapidly.)

**UPDATE**  St. Louisans, listen to Dana Radio (97.1 FM) at 8:00 p.m. tonight, Sunday, February 22. Patrick Leahy of Top Conservatives on Twitter and Dana will discuss this Tea Party wave.  

Also, I’ve started a Facebook Group to keep in touch.

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UPDATE 2:  Let’s try to do this Friday, February 27, as part of a National Tea Party protest.  Already more than 15 cities involved.  Look here or on the Facebook page or follow #teaparty on Twitter for location and time. 

UPDATE 3:  Facebook event page has all the details.    

National Chicago Tea Party Page.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for popularizing the Tea Party Protest.

Who’s up for it? 

I’m thinking March 14 before the downtown St. Patrick’s Day parade. 

  • Toss some tea into the Mississippi
  • Run 3.2 miles
  • Freeze for an hour
  • Drink some Jameson’s and Mich Ultra

If Seattle and Chicago can find enough patriots to oppose Obama’s socialization plans, St. Louis sure can.

Track progress here, on Facebook’s #dontgo group, or follow #dontgo and #teaparty on Twitter. 

And, Look!  Someone’s written a recipe for a Tea Party.

How ’bout this;

Date:  Saturday, March 14, 10:00 a.m.  Friday, February 27, 11:00 AM
Where:  Steps of the Arch, Wharf Street
Bring:  5-10 friends, signs, and tea (but not in bags)
After Party:  Everywhere. 

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

24 Comments on “St. Louis Tea Party? **UPDATE**

  1. Mr. Hennessy on Fox News tonight they announced that the Unions are going to march on all fifty state capitals. Lets get organized and respond. Hoping you can get us together to stand against these thugs.

  2. Mr. Hennessy on Fox News tonight they announced that the Unions are going to march on all fifty state capitals. Lets get organized and respond. Hoping you can get us together to stand against these thugs.

  3. In answer to the question asked you about what the Tea Party stood for other than being against everything, may I suggest that you ask the candidates to take the following:

    Pledge of Responsibility

    We the people of the United States of America do hereby ask our elected officials in Washington, D.C. to publicly take the Pledge of Responsibility to restore fiscal sanity to the country.

    1. Be it resolved that the Federal government will follow generally accepted accounting procedures in its financial reporting as the businesses and organizations of America do.

    2. Be it resolved that the Federal government will issue audited financial statements to the American people as the businesses and organizations the government regulates do.

    3. Be it resolved that the Federal government will sell or auction off asserts under its control that either can be operated by the private sector or for which the private sector should pay a fair market value to use.

    4. Be it resolved that each of the 535 directors of the Federal government plus the President and the Vice President will identify one program each that can be eliminated in its entirety as a pledge of their willingness to make the tough decisions and be it resolved that the funds saved will be used to reduce the deficit.

    5. Be it resolved that the Federal government will identify the core activities of the government and be it resolved that noncore activities will be discontinued, sold, or outsourced, as appropriate and be it resolved that the funds saved will be used to reduce the deficit.

    6. Be it resolved that the Federal government will review the operations of the core activities of the government to determine how they can be done more efficiently and be it resolved that the savings will be used to reduce the deficit.

    7. Be it resolved that the Federal government will institute no new taxes until it has demonstrated to We the People that it is capable of spending our money for the benefit of the country in a responsible and efficient manner.

  4. Veteran’s Day is November 11th.

    A parade is always held downtown the Saturday before Vet’s Day.
    Which would be Saturday November 7th. The parade starts at noon and
    the program at ll a.m.

    The bandstand is on 1315 Chestnut in front of Soldier’s Memorial Museum.

    There is almost zero attendance because this parade is not promoted.

    I have asked KFTK to promote it.

    And I am asking you to promote it also. This is something we could do
    for our veterans every years – promote and come to the parade.



  5. to bill hennessy,
    my name is Travis Rolstead. I am a 15 year old libertarian from o’fallon Illinios with particular intreast in the economy. i have hered that you where having a tea party in St Louis in july 4. i wish to speak at this rally. i know what your thinking, i am just a kid that knows nothing on the econimy, but you would be wrong on that. i know about how fannie and freddy were combining triple A rated mortgages with sub prime mortgages. i know how inflating the money supply to bail out the banks is a bad idea. there is a lot more i know that i want to tell the people. i want to show the people that even a 15 year old teen knows more than most buearocrats in washington. so please, give me a chance to speak.

    I await your answer,
    Travis Rolstead

  6. But I love you is a step process…but we
    dont have a lot of time. There are no more statesmen
    or stateswomen, there are no more leaders…don’t
    waste your time.

  7. Tell Ed Martin he talks too much, and I hope you
    get a great turn out. tomorrow night is my birthday
    and I am going to celebrate doing something..not
    talking about something.

    Gtting people to turn out at events and express
    themselves is a superfulous goal. It has no value,
    no comparative value.

    You have the power to stop crooked deals, the web
    has give you the power to instantly research, sort,
    analyze and stop crooked deals. You have a shift
    in the power paradgm but you dont undersand it yet.
    You have the power to stop the allocation of tax
    money into dirty, nefarous deals.. the media abdicated
    its role..that’s why they are dying.

    I know how to do this. No need to attend rallies
    if you know how to stop crooked deals….better us
    of time.

    And again…tell Martin to use fewer words.


  8. The Post Dispatch went way out of their way to take a cheap shot at Tea Party participants in their March 4 editorial.

    We should take it as challenge.

    If everyone brings one canned good each to the next St Louis Tea Party it would be a truck load which could be donated to a local food bank.

    Let’s show the Post that conservatives care!

    1. Harry,

      With Ed Martin’s help, I’ve sent a letter to the P-D responding to that editorial and to Editorial Board member Roth’s childish verbal temper tantrum directed at us. They probably won’t print it, though, as they have not yet called to verify my identity.

      If they don’t call by today, I will post that letter here.

      In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with 1,000 or so angry people besieging [email protected] with your opinion of his editorial page team.

  9. I would like to help.
    I attended at the ARCH and want to do more.
    We need a better speaker system or mega hailer.
    Dana was good but we need more in the way of loud ,big voiced people to whoop up the crowd.
    How can we nuild the crowd?
    This just can’t be about the speding and taxation,you need to expand support for free speech and the right to defend our rights.

  10. Would have really liked to known about this as I’m sure that many, many others would have as well. Bet if you did a repeat performance on a Sat. afternoon you would have thousands come. Our government needs to see the reaction of we the people to believe it.

  11. So, this sounds exciting and I’m glad to see a swell of people supporting an end to wasteful government spending of the money it STEALS from the citizens. The federal government has no Constitutional authority to do 90% of what it does.

    That being said, we also cannot simply ignore the fact that many so called “conservative” politicians(many with an “R” next to their name), participated in swindling the American populace out of $6+trillion under the Bush administration! Under the Bush administration, the size and scope of government thrived to levels that would make even Karl Marx blush. Those Republicans, who were complicit in the orgy of spending and big government greed, must be held responsible for their actions; and we must not merely go along with their anti-big government/anti-spending rhetoric now that they are out of power. To not look at the voting records of the politicians that reside in the the cesspool of criminality in DC would be very foolish if we ever wish to move forward as a country.

    We need PRINCIPLED Statesmen in government; not those whose principles flutter in the wind! We need people who know and respect the Constitution and the rule of law. Not obeying the Constitution has led our country to the precipice of disaster and once we start picking up the pieces when it all comes crashing down, we need to get back to what made this country so conducive to liberty and economic prosperity. The government was meant to protect individual liberty from the mob rule of the majority and that’s about it!

    All that being said, I hope you are all committed to smaller government (which includes no Drug War, PATRIOT Act, REAL ID, barely any spending, etc) at all times and not just when the Democrats have power; nor when the Republican “leadership” issues an edict that infringes on individual liberty!

    Now let’s brew some tea!

  12. Please be certain you have secured a first Amendment permit from the Arch administration. Gatherings are allowed on Federal property (the west side of Wharf Street) but the National Park Service requires a permit. It is easy to obtain, just contact Special Use Permits at 655-1700 EXT 613

  13. I understand that there will be two more Tea Party (or similar) protests: April 14 and July 4. Both are on non-work days.

    This was just the first in a series to launch a movement. I wish everyone could attend, but I know this movement will accommodate everyone before the summer’s over.

    The future is ours. Your disgust with the borrowing and spending, your noble desire to restore the republic the founders wrought, those are the real protests. The tea party is in our hearts and souls–the events are just the physical manifestations.

    Thank you for your desire to attend. I will try to recruit two more people to represent you.

  14. Same here, I had to switch shifts to go. People that are up in arms about the government using our hard earned tax dollars to do with whatever they want, all work for a living. Not so easy to attend on a Friday.

  15. Thomas, I’m the same way.. because they decided to pick a Friday for this event… it’s a ‘no-show’ for some of us who would otherwise be interested in going.,… some of us are still working to pay our mortgages :)

  16. Thomas,

    I understand. I wanted to coordinate this with the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party whose organizers picked this Friday. I agree that a weekend event would bring out more people.

  17. Hey, we’re responsible Republicans, not Democrats. We work for a living. If you want a big turnout, have the tea party on the weekend when we can come and show our support.

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