Obama Loses Support Faster Than Any President in Modern History

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From his inauguration to the end of his first month in office, President Obama has dropped between 5 and 7 percentage points in approval according to Fox News and Rasmussen, respectively.  That’s the largest first month drop in approval rating of any president since polling began.  

President Day 1 % Month 1 % Change
Truman 87 85 -2
Eisenhower 70 72 2
Kennedy 73 74 1
Johnson 76 76 0
Nixon 61 61 0
Ford 59 58 -1
Carter 69 67 -2
Reagan 60 62 2
Bush 41 57 59 2
Clinton 55 52 -3
Bush 43 57 56 -1
**Obama** **65** **60** **-5**
This drop could portend bad news for the Obama administration.  Of the 5 presidents who lost popularity their first month in office, on Truman and Clinton won re-election.  Both were helped by Republican Congresses.  In Clinton's case, the Republican Congress passed a flurry of popular, conservative laws, all of which Clinton signed and took credit for.  In the case of Truman, the unpopular Republican Congress, and a weak liberal opponent in Thomas Dewey, gave Truman's populism more credibility than it deserved.

Barring a major plebiscitory reversal in 2010, Obama will go into the 2012 election with no scapegoats and no Congressional help.  The Democrat Congress under Reid and Pelosi is the least popular since polling began, and Reid and Pelosi promise to deliver more of what made them so unpopular.

Moreover, Obama seems incapable of making good decisions as President.  In addition to his numerous failed cabinet appointment, unpopular Executive Orders, and botched stimulus bill, Obama is poised to plunge the world into economic depression by raising taxes and unleashing the largest expansion of federal regulations in history.  The American automobile industry is doomed to either extinction or nationalization, either of which will make the American car a rare thing. 

Conservatives, and no-so-conservatives, are lining up to paint the land with Tea Parties protesting Obama’s rapid expansion of Soviet-style socialism in America.  From Senator DeMint to CNBC’s Rick Santelli, the people are fed up with the vacuous Obama already. 

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