Obama Produces Most Corrupt Cabinet Ever

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We on the right chided Obama supporters who claimed The One was ready for the Oval Office. Clearly, we were wrong: Only a seasoned, veteran politician could assemble a team of liars, frauds, cheats, hypocrites, and criminals as broad and deep as Obama’s cabinet.

Daschle’s Hubris

First, let’s set up some context. Here’s what your soon-to-be Health Socializer said about tax cheats on the floor of the Senate in 1998:

Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter.

Daschle’s evasion of taxes, though, was treated with leniency throughout. Daschle used his power as a former Senator and the power of his friends in high places to dodge the IRS. His charade would have lasted forever had he not accepted a cabinet post.

Geithner’s Mental Retardation

Timothy Geithner is the new Secretary of Treasury, which oversees the IRS. Geithner is a Harvard grad who claims to be mentally and educationally incapable of understanding the US tax code. His tax evasion appears to have been criminal, and only his access to government power prevented his prosecution. If Geithner is admittedly too stupid to do his own taxes, why in the name of God would anyone put him charge of the IRS? How stupid does that make Obama? How incompetent does that make Harvard. (Remember, Harvard produced almost all of the geniuses who destroyed the US banking system.)

Honor Among Socialists

The root of Obama’s problem is not corruption of the usual variety; it’s his zeal for collective socialism. In the old Soviet Union, party officials could not be tried for corruption, only for treason. In Obama’s America, fellow-travellers needs only avoid threats and challenges to his power. In Obama’s world, Al Capone was fit for Secretary of the Treasury so long as he vowed to end capitalism, but Mother Teresa was a criminal for opposing infanticide.

Obama is proving as dangerously communist as we all feared in September. In fact, he may be moving faster than we suspected.

It looks as though only the Second Amendment can save the Tenth.

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