The Senate Stands Between You and Communism

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Well, at least communism’s brightest symbol: piles of mattresses.

In this case, Obama’s politburo wants to buy and crush new cars and trucks. Yes, GM and Chrysler and Ford can produce all the cars and trucks they want. Since the public won’t buy them, the government will—and crush them. Crush them. I kid you not. This from Gateway Pundit:

Democrats want to include a new car crushing plan in the “stimulus” bill where the government would buy new cars and trucks that obtain less than 18 mpg and crush them

In case you’re wondering about he mattresses, Ronald Reagan liked to tell the story of a Russian mattress factory. The central planners in Moscow gave the plant manager a higher quota every year. By the 1980s, the quota was so high that the quality of the mattresses became abysmal. The plant’s allotment of raw materials was the same or lower than it had been in 1970. The output, then, became smaller, thinner, and will less of everything. In other words, it was junk wrapped in cotton.

Since no one would use these mattresses and since the factory produced more mattresses each year than Muscovites could consume in a century, and since the factory was denied a request for a truck, the plant manager had no choice but to stack the mattresses in the streets surrounding the factory.

It was amidst these 10-story piles of decaying mattresses on a cold Moscow day in November that Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov presented to the mattress factory manager a medal to commemorate his 20 years of meeting quota.

Liberals will never understand the irony, of course, and conservatives will never understand why liberals love over-production so long as the government is the producer or director. Waste is waste. In fact, waste is a sin—the sin from which liberals absolve themselves in advance.

Peggy Noonan, one of American’s best writers when conservatism is in the minority, brilliantly dissects the Democrat pork-barrel bill in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. She missed the car crushing provision. But in a bill written by Democrats, for Democrats, and of Democrats with no input from the other side, there is more crap than one human could possibly digest.

Tell your Senator—D or R—to stay away from Obama’s first piece of legislation. The new president is a long way from ready for the office he now occupies.

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