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January 28, 2009, could go down as the day conservatives regained their focus.

What the FOCA?: Some enterprising pro-lifers desiring limited government launched the “What the FOCA?” website. The site kicks some of the 1973-style slogans from the Right to Life movement, updating themes and memes for 2009. A great idea, long overdue. Visit often and donate generously if fighting rampant abortion is one of your action focuses.

A (Republican) House United: Every member of the Republican House Caucus voted against Obama’s Crap Sandwich. The bill passed, of course, with all but 11 Democrats voting Aye. But the real story is that the consequences of this pile of Number Two land squarely on The One and his Girl Friday, Nancy “Blend the Babies” Pelosi. Remember this in 2010.

In 1981, many, many Democrats crossed the aisle and voted for Reagan’s tax cuts. They knew that the strategy would work. Most were old enough to remember that Jack Kennedy did the same thing with success in 1963. Later, when Democrats tried to distance themselves from that vote, Reagan gently reminded the voters that Dick Gephardt and his colleagues rose in support of Reagan’s first two budgets. They may share in their success, but they cannot say they opposed the bills.

When the economy tanks after a 3-4 month break (as I’ve been predicting since October), the GOP can say, “we told you so.”

What’s More Conservative Than an Onion?: The answer is, of course, The Endive. This ingenious and hilarious new satire site equals The Onion in quality and surpasses in originality. Sid Bridge, editor-in-chief, exemplifies Zen Conservatism by focusing on a single goal: pillory liberals with laughter. Bookmark The Endive and email your friends. This will become THE satire site of the Obama administration.

CNN Ends Pretense of Objectivity: CNN is selling a sickening, sycophant T-Shirt with prominent banner ad. I honestly cannot believe that they have stooped to this. I defy anyone to argue that a wholly partisan press benefits a free country. I’m thinking of blocking on my home firewall to prevent my kids from reading this crap. Anyone else up for it?


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