Obama to America: F**k You!

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Bill Clinton began his presidency in a recession, promising to make a middle class tax cut and more jobs his laser-beam focus.  But first, he let gays into the military and sent his wife off to socialize medicine. 

Barack Obama began his presidency during a borderline depression, promising to save the country from economic collapse, lowering the seas, and scripting quality endings to Stephen King’s movies.  But first, he symbolically flipped off everyone affected by Islamofascist terrorists, snubbed military heroes, and redifined ethics as the way one behaves when the whole world’s watching.

Good government, like good medicine, begins with refraining from inflicting damages on the patient–in this case, the American people whom Obama theoretically serves.

If his first day and a half are any indication of the way he intends to rule (and I mean “rule”), then he is certain to go down as our first despotic president.  

Suspending Terror Trials and Closing Gitmo

I am trying not to be angry.  Nothing would be served by calling the President of the United States a smug, arrogant, communist, mutherfuker who isn’t fit chew the used toilet paper of the lowliest Purple Heart recipient.  So I won’t do that.  Nor would it help to remind readers that Obama has espoused communist doctrine for at least a decade.  So we’ll skip that.  And would purpose would be served in pointing out that Obama would have been creamed in the primaries were he not half black?  None.  So I won’t do that.  Nor will I point out that the NAACP might have taken exception to Rev. Billy Graham praying that the black man will embrace work.  

What I will say is that Obama either hates the American people and all we stand for, or he is really, really stupid.  The Gitmo executive orders will define his presidency.  When a dirty nuke blows up in Manhattan or weaponized disease strains Kansas’s hospitals, we will point to these two, first actions as the eminating documents of a new wave of terrorism.  Will be both correct and justified in doing so.  

A Long 4 Years

Should The One or any member of his Supreme Soviet stumple upon these pages, may they take away this bit of advice: if the economy is so bad, make that your first priority; if terrorists are so cool, you should have run on that message.

And while you’re here, please tell the President that I, for one, hope his presidency is a miserable failure but that the country somehow survives.