Good Government Doesn't Kill Babies

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One of Barack Obama’s first actions as president will likely involve a series of executive orders ensuring that as many abortions as possible happen. Good government protects its most vulnerable citizens; bad government kills them. Nazi Germany killed the weak, the halt, the improvident.  Of course, the Nazis trained specialist to carry out these grim and evil tasks.  In America, we rely on ordinary citizens to do the killing for us. 

That the murder of innocents ranks among Obama’s highest ambitions tells you a lot about the man and his mission.  So I must ask:  the millions who adore Obama–are they just as bent on doing evil as he is?  Would the kill their own infants for fun and convenience?  Or did they just fail to ask themselves, “do I really want my country’s face to be the face of a killer-by-proxy?”

And for those who still claim to honor heroes, how do you view a man who wants to kill babies, but must pay his own daughters to do it for him?