Addicted to Entitlement

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Entitlement is the psychological abnormality in which a person believes that he is owed an enrichment or compensation earned by suffering or activity and that society or government is obligated to pay. It is a psychological condition. It is abnormal–or should be.

When a team of governors demands that the federal government steal wages and profits of the citizens and transfer those monies to state governors to dispense as the governors see fit, one wonders whether or not the disease is now the norm.

Governors [all Democrats] of five U.S. states urged the federal government to provide $1 trillion in aid to the country’s 50 states to help pay for education, welfare and infrastructure as states struggle with steep budget deficits amid a deepening recession.

Over-extended States Should Fail

The reason the states cannot pay their bills is because they have engendered entitlement among their constituents. Being convinced that food, clothing, shelter, medicine, entertainment, and happiness are divine rights and that government exists to fulfill those rights, these constituents believe working for their own survival a moral outrage. In other words, the people are lazy.

The governors (plus Democrats in the House and Senate) feed the entitlement condition by reinforcing it. Barack Obama and most Democrats ran on the principle that there is no connection between privilege and responsibility. Obama has long preached that it is government’s duty to provide every human want regardless of human behavior.

These states and others have created monsters of government largesse. They have made laws that guarantee citizens effortless living. But governments have no way of paying for these programs except by stealing the property of their citizens. In other words, every state that guarantees enrichment to its citizen is immoral. Every voter who votes for a candidate in hopes the candidate will steal from other or from them is committing the sin of stealing.

Entitlement is Dangerous

The federal government has extended this principle, now, to banks, brokerage houses, and the automobile industry. By March, the government will have extended it to newspapers, steel, airlines, advertising, and other businesses and industries. There seems no end to America’s desire for a free lunch.

But the government cannot pay its bills. Attempts to allow the American people to live a life of Reilly without consequence has created an enormous deficit. Even as some Americans attempt to shift their own lives from consumption to savings, the government is discouraging this move toward responsibility. Instead of encouraging sound financial planning, the government encourages reckless credit spending by businesses and consumers.

Cost of Entitlement

No one can accurately calculate the cost of the entitlement disease on society. Monetarily, the number is somewhere around $17 trillion–$56,666 per person in the United States. The number grows by about $2,000 per day. This is money you owe and will be required to pay. You will go to jail if you don’t make you payments. Yet you never signed a promissory note.

The human cost is even higher. Drug addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, aborted and abandoned children, foreclosure and bankruptcy are all symptoms of entitlement mentality run amok. The ultimate cost is destruction of American society’s foundations.

Fix It Now

Could you let go of your entitlement mentality? If not, you are dooming yourself, your children, and millions of others to lives of insatiable greed and want. If you could let go, then do it. Vote only for candidates who believe–in their words and writings going back to high school–that the government is limited to the powers enumerated in the Constitution, that stealing is stealing whether legalized by legislatures and judges or not, that we are entitled to live, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by a government that stays the hell out of our shorts.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address: “We are a nation that has a government; not the other way around.”

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