Israel Continues Assault on Terrorists

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Israel’s assault on Hamas terrorists in Gaza continued for a second day.  As if reading from a script, the UN Security Council called for an immediate stop to Israel’s self-defense.  

As the air strikes continued, Israel has moved more troops and tanks to the border, possibly in preparation for an incursion into the area now under terrorist control.

Some internation responses were less than predictable, though.  France, for instance, demands first that the terrorists stop pitching rockets at Israeli school kids, then that Israel stop its air assault.  Fair enough, but few say that.  Except for France and the United States, international reaction is wholly anti-Israeli.  

Barack Obama has made many anti-Israeli statements in his life.  Many of his foreign policy advisors are ardently anti-Israel.  Samantha Power was removed from the campaign for advocating that the US invade Israel and impose a pro-Palestian peace treaty, but she is now in line for senior post in the Obama White House.

Further, Obama has demonstrated an extreme lack of understanding or will in dealing with Iran. In a profoundly September 10th moment, he refered to Iran as a tiny country that could not pose a threat the United States.  Obama has not publicly condemned Iran’s policy of seeking the elimination of Israel.  

Put this together, and Israel must feel very alone in the world right now.  Her greatest ally since her formation, the US, seems to have joined ranks of the pro-Palestinian EU crowd.  As Iran, with Russia’s backing, prepares to unleash nuclear hell somewhere in the world, Israel rightly flexes its muscles.  Someone must stand for freedom.