Jennifer Aniston Wins at the Box Office

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No, I’m not a celebrity freak; I’m just a red-blooded American male who thinks Jennifer Aniston is about as gorgeous as a celebrity can be.  (She’s almost as beautiful as my wife.)  I have no idea what she’s like in real life.  I have no knowledge of her politics.  I don’t know whether she’s fallen for the global warming idiocy.  All I know is that she looks and acts (in public) like the sort of girl I’d want my sons to marry.  (For the record, Angelina Jolie is also beautiful, but she’s the kind of woman I’d hope my sons would stay away from.) 

For years, now, she’s played the B-list to her ex-husband and (the sort of trashy) Angelina Jolie.  It’s good see that Jennifer Aniston’s new movie “Marley & Me” drew larger audiences in its debut than Brad’s new movie.  

And I hope Jennifer Aniston is as sweet and friendly in real life as her public persona indicates.