MSNBC: Somehow Winter Survived Global Warming

Winter madness leads off this Sunday with a photo montage of serious winter weather from Pacific to Maine. 

To the left, all snow, all winter weather is “freak.”  To those of us with memories longer than our . . . privates . . . and a sense of history that exceeds our senses of fashion, winters are beginning to look a like winters past. 

The temperature was 7 when I got up this morning.  I used to play hockey outside at Steinberg every Sunday in temperatures colder than this. 

Before you scream that weather != climate: I get it.  But climate is the ∑ of weather, is it not? And when we have year after year of decreasing average temperature, increasing average snowfall, and growing glaciers, we have a climate trend of cold.

I’d like to know what James Hansen is doing to keep warming these day.  Perhaps he’s discharging CO2 fire extinguishers in his living room.

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The Blizzards of 08-09

Author: William Hennessy

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