WSJ: Obama Lied About Blagojevich Contacts

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Today’s Wall Street Journal directly contradict’s Barack Obama’s claim to have never discussed his Senate replacement:

Barack Obama had begun thinking about his Senate successor even before the presidential election, and dispatched Rahm Emanuel days after the vote to contact aides of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to begin talking up Mr. Obama’s preferred candidates, associates of Mr. Emanuel said this weekend.

Remember that Obama also claimed that no one on his staff or acting on his behalf discussed the seat with Blago.

Clearly, Barack Obama is caught, now, in an major lie. He has lied to the public about matters material to a felony. Of course, he’s been lying since his 2004 convention speech, and no one seems to care.

This is the danger when you elect a president who has never done anything in his life except writing autobiographies: he doesn’t know what to do!

The upside is that the GOP could steal Obama’s Senate seat in a special election, as all potential Democrat candidates are tainted by Blagojevich’s felony charges. While one seat is one seat, taking the president-elect’s seat would be particularly sweet.

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