Seth Borenstein Dropping Al Gore's Acid

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Seth Borenstein seems to have dropped the same Global Warming LSD as Al Gore.

Today, in a news article (not opinion, mind you) Borenstein claims that the 10-year cooling trend we’re in proves the seriousness of his personal brand of Global Warming. He also passes along flat out lies about temperatures and, especially, sea ice extent–making up facts that never existed. Borenstein is a terrible polemicist and lazy researcher.

But Borenstein excels as a writer. One can actually hear the chaffing of his palms upon each other has he simultaneously types and wrings his hands. That’s like three kinds of exceptional talent.

Like so many on the freak side of AGW, Borenstein makes two errors:

He believes that climate history began in 1860.

He believes that James Hansen is an honest broker.

Both beliefs require the naivete of an innocent child in whom they’d be charming. In the AP’s science writer, they seem as they are: malignant ignorance.

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