Al Gore Loses His Mind . . . again

Jenn Q Public asked if I’d heard that Al Gore–the man Don Imus described as Evil Incarnate–told a German audience that the North Pole will cease to exist in 5 years.  He held up his hand, fingers splayed, to avoid any possible confusion.

Mark the date:  according to Gore, on 12/12/2013, there will be zero ice north of the Arctic Circle.  This would an amazing change in trends since global sea ice has been growing for 20 years now.  (h/t Tom Nelson)

If he’s wrong, let’s sue him.  Here’s how.  We’ll set up a PayPal account to raise money to build a Jet Ski resort in Barrow, Alaska.  The big bucks  will to R&D of the lighting system to allow people to Jet Ski during months with zero sunlight. 

If there’s ice in January, that will seriously hurt business.  Since we based our business on a guarantee from Gore, he’ll be liable for our loses.  We’ll sue him, not only for our lost investment, for 20 years of revenue. 

Of course, if Al Gore is not a liar and a fraud, he could always sue me. 

Author: William Hennessy

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