The Silver Linings of Mumbai

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This is not tongue-in-cheek or flippant.

We can find two good results of the terrorist siege of Mumbai, India.

First, Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg’s baby son, Moshe, escaped alive. Good people have set up a fund for the child where you can contribute. Please do so. The child’s survival seems to destine him for greatness, as the story contains odd parallels to the story of Moses.

Second, the tragic events forced organizers to cancel Live Earth India, a pagan celebration to spread the lie of Anthropogenic Global Warming. With real problems to face, organizers saw no point in promoting a contrived problem invented to increase the power of mega-governments like the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the Arctic Sea Ice is nearly equally to its1980 extent and appears (based on color coding) significantly more dense than in that bitterly cold winter 28 years ago.


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UPDATE: What do you know. Looks like people around the world are reading Hennessy’s View and wising up to the AGW nuts.