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According to Tweeters in the streets of Mumbai outside Nariman House, the Jewish Center, NSG Commandos (Indian special forces) are high-fiving people in the streets. The crowds are singing patriot songs. No gunfire.

Meanwhile, 30 or more bodies were found in the Oberoi hotel.

I hope the West takes a lesson from NSG’s fierce, straight-on attack on the terrorists.

Also, have you noticed that our Western, pro-terrorist media (CNN, NY Times, LA Times, MSNBC) refuse to call the Mumbai terrorists “terrorists?” The MSM calls them “militants.”

UPDATE: New reports of explosions and fire inside the Taj.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists are claiming the Mossad and CIA, not Muslim terrorists, behind the bloody siege. Well, not JUST conspiracy theorists–some white supremist whack job.

UPDATE: 7:22 CST: One terrorist remains in Taj Hotel in the Crystal Ballroom. Up to 15 hostage remain in the Taj. Follow live feed from the BBC here, but there’s no audio. Better–NDTV Live. CNN-IBN Live.

UPDATE: Other news on Nariman House: Five hostages have been killed. Terrorists still alive have advanced to the 3rd floor of Nariman from the first floor. More news on IHT.

It must kill CNN executives that the IBN (Indian) commentators insist on calling the terrorists what they are.

UPDATE: Hundreds of civilians are celebrating INSIDE Nariman House even though terrorists remain on the 3rd floor. Reports indicate that the revelers are unaware that commando operations are still underway inside the building. Yikes.

UPDATE: Wall Street Journal article discusses challenges Obama will face in bringing to stability to Central Asia. Again and again, the flow of events disrupt Obama’s Hope and Change agenda. Between the economic crisis and terrorism, Iran and Venezuela, China and North Korea, Obama will have very little operating room for the next 2-3 years.

UPDATE: Seems BBC has confirmed that Mumbai terrorists include Pakistan-born British citizens.

UPDATE: 7:52 CST: Operation in Nariman could be over soon. Commandos are combing the 3rd floor looking for any remaining terrorists. The dead bodies–5 hostages and 2 terrorists–are on the 2nd floor of Nariman. Authorities unable to remove or identify the bodies.

In India, recriminations over the security failures that allowed this to happen. Sounds as though Indian security was too worried by Hindu terrorism and took its eyes off of the Muslims–the principle forces of evil in the world today. The West better take this as a lesson: Terrorism comes from Islam and from other, less organized forces. We can’t fight them all at once. Keep the focus on Islamic terrorism until that scourge is obliterated.

UPDATE: 8:03 CST: From a blogger in India:

the **Spirit of Mumbai **has once again “defeated” the motive of terrorists to create painic. Even after 41 hours of the attack, the battle is still going on at Trident Hotel and Nariman House (28th November, 15:00 hrs IST) but Mumbai woke to the morning of the 27th with the same spirit as it has always.

The people of India, of Mumbai, should be proud of themselves. The world should be proud of them.

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