Disgraceful, Selfish Cowards *UPDATE*

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Liberal America is a sub-species of selfish cowards.

India suffered its own 9-11 over the past 3 days. It continues at this hour. Yet America’s government, its media, its pundits retreated under the cover of Thanksgiving and the excuse of saving their corrupt and incompetent friends on Wall Street and in Detroit. George Bush and Barack Obama are invisible. CNN and MSNBC refused to call the terrorists who murdered over 160 in cold blood anything stronger than “militants.”

In New Jersey, a throng of selfish, money-grubbing Main Streeters killed an old man in Wal-Mart in order to get an HDTV at 30 percent off. The cowardly President and his cowardly relief are silent.

You, Liberal-American, you are a disgrace to your heritage, to your history, to your parents and grandparents. You are weak and cowardly. You would hide behind a child to save your own worthless hide. Indians die in the streets, and you stuff your pie hole with overcooked turkey.

The Muslim murderers are marching across England, France, and Germany, and you drink bottled water and fret over global temperatures. A sweet, meek Rabbi and his wife are bound, gagged, and shot in the head while you rushed into a Best Buy for a camcorder. Will you use it film the Rabbi’s baby, Moses? And to whom would you show the footage. Do you think your fellow American gives a rat’s ass about a Jewish orphan?

So, Merry Christmas to the disarmed, green, selfish wimps. They are the face of America. They are the next victim in the Muslim wave that threatens 5,000 years of civilization’s advance. They are obsequious, spineless scum who pass you every day in the mall.

Look in the mirror, watch a John Wayne movie or Brave Heart or The Patriot this long weekend. Lock yourself in your bathroom for a couple of hours and weep bitterly. You have betrayed your birthright, your heritage, and your brother. Your children should be ashamed to have sprung from your loins.

But it’s not too late. There is time. Little, but some. What happened in Mumbai was practice for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis. They are coming, and it’s us or them. There will be only one victor.

UPDATE I’ve thought enough about this. It’s time to nuke the Western provinces of Pakistan. It’s time to let one of our fine Trident submarine crews to release the fury of 24 MIRVed SLBMs on an enemy that will not relent until it’s vaporized.

Let the vaporization begin.

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