Mumbai Thoughts: Is This Prep for USA Siege?

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Is Mumbai a test run for an attack on the United States?

Al Qaeda is out of practice. The terror organization has been quite since 2001, pinned down inside in Iraq where our heroes destroyed their efforts to establish a beach head.

The coincidence of the horror in Mumbai with the FBI reports of a serious, legitimate threat to the NYC subway system seems coordinated to me.

Since 9-11, the US, UK, and Israel have trained and developed anti-terrorism techniques jointly with many nations, including India. The joint terrorism training provides all nations with new insights and better coordination. For instance, India and Israel have dealt with Islamofascism longer and more directly than the US. They can provide us with tactics and maneuvers that we’d never have developed on our own–absent long, bloody attacks from Al Qaeda.

If bin Laden were planning ground invasion of the US, he would want to anticipate the American response and tactics. The Mumbai operation–handled, it seems–deftly by the Indian NSG–provides terrorists with the American game plan.

Was this what Joe Biden meant when he said Obama would be tested hard? Would Obama respond as decisively as India has? Or would he negotiate with the terrorists as they systematically murdered their hostages?

You asked for it, America.

UPDATE: Minutes-old photos of commando drops onto roof of Jewish center.

UPDATE: Reports are a Rabbi and his wife have been killed. Reports from Twitter.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey also noticed that the coincidence is ominous.

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