The World's Next Margaret Thatcher?

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While we in America credit Ronald Reagan with saving modern conservatism and the Western World, it was Margaret Thatcher who preceded Reagan and set the world stage for his entrance, stage right.

Thatcher rose to the top of British government in response to decades of expensive, debilitating leftward drift in Europe. The countries of NATO faced a long series of self-inflicted financial crises, the KGB incited their youth toward socialism and Sovietphilia, and taxes were out of control. Thatcher reversed that leftward drift.

Vaclav Klaus

Thirty years later, a Czech leader is about to take over as head of the European Union. Vaclav Klaus is firebrand who preached free markets before the fall of the Soviet Union. The KGB considered him unthreatening because of his arrogance–which saved him from re-education in the Gulag.

Klaus’s principle enemy today is Anthropogenic Global Warming and its fraudulent spokesman, Al Gore.

Left Opposes Klaus

The New York Times wastes no time belittling the EU’s new leader:

there is palpable fear that Mr. Klaus will embarrass the world’s biggest trading bloc and complicate its efforts to address the economic crisis and expand its powers. His role in the Czech Republic is largely ceremonial, but he remains a powerful force here, has devotees throughout Europe and delights in basking in the spotlight. [source]

You can almost hear the writer’s lament that the KGB didin’t take out Klaus when it had a chance.

The NYT stories goes on to hope against hope that the world will not listen to Klaus who has a picture of the Iron Lady on the wall of his office. Like Reagan, Thatcher is hated among the intellectual left.

Let’s hope that Klaus reverses the EU’s leftward drift, reduces the role of government in the world financial system, and sets the stage for the next Ronald Reagan.

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