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After the tumult of the election, 2 years of college, and the financial meltdown, I’ve had it with hectic.  At least, I’ve had it with hectic that I don’t control in some way. 

Searching for ideas (motivation, actually) to simply my life, I came across run by Leo Babauta.  I highly recommend this site to anyone. 

Some of the content is a little new age, but it’s digestible.

Along the way, I’ve bought his ebook, “Zen to Done.”  Inspired by David Allen’s great personal management book, “Getting Things Done,” ZTD takes the concept to a simpler and more practical level. ( Click here to view more details)

Leo’s system is simple:  reduce all of your action commitments or ideas to paper (or its electronic equal) and do them. 

Of course, that’s an over simplification.  We all know that’s what we should do.  The problems are manifold:

  * We forget when we need to remember
  * We remember at the wrong time (like when we're trying to fall asleep)
  * We feel anxious because of the nagging feeling that we should be doing something else
  * We react instead of responding
  * We put off decisions which leaves us feeling weak and disorganized
  * We can't find the stuff we need when we need it

In addition to a great personal management system, Leo gives an effective crash course on building positive habits.  This, in my view, makes the book worth the $9.50 price. 

Conservatives need to let go of some things.  Zen is about focusing on the essentials, after stripping away the Eastern religion stuff. 

Read the blog,buy the book.  You’ll thank Leo.

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