Particularly Beware This Boy

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It turns out, according to a Zogby poll to be released in its entirety today, that most Obama voters are woefully, frighteningly, and unforgivably ignorant of the basic facts of government and of Barack Obama himself. Not surprising. Dickens warned us of the dangers of ignorance in “A Christmas Carol":

Suddenly, Scrooge noticed something strange about the ghost. Two children-like figures were at the ghost’s feet - a boy and a girl. But, they looked old and dreadful, like little monsters. Scrooge was shocked.

“Spirit, are they your creatures?” Scrooge asked.

“They are Man’s creatures,” said the spirit “The boy is Ignorance. The girl is Want. Beware them both, but most of all beware this boy” said the spirit.

Neither our schools–Kindergarten through Ph.D.–nor our press is fit to properly inform and educate voters. Both institutions are partisans. Schools, for the most part, promote socialism and anti-Americanism. They dumb down kids, teach to the least capable, and eschew the values that once defined an American: individualism, competition, and excellence. The press is, well, the press.

The other culprit here is high voter turnout. Since the most educated and informed voters tend to vote every election (about 30 percent), the math requires that the higher the turnout, the more ignorant the average voter. Since Democrats appeal disproportionately to uninformed people, it makes sense that Obama captured the clueless vote.

Expect to see a lot of bumper stickers that read “Don’t Blame Me–What’s Vote?”

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