Now What? **Corrected**

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Sober, I scratch out some ideas for recovery.

  1. The conservative movement must forget the Republican party.  If the GOP wants to come along with us, they're welcome.  But we won't listen to their nonsense about "[big tents](" and "get over Reagan."  The Republican party was an irresponsible steward of conservatism for the past 20 years.  Tonight it got its just deserts.  Too bad the rest of us have to endure re-education camps, economic depression, and malaise because of them.  We'll run as Republicans, but the morons who orchestrated this abortion better not even think about telling us how to do it.
  2. The movement needs an intellectual nexus.  Buckley, Kirk, and Friedman are gone, and their replacements are pygmies.  Perhaps Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams can fill the role.  Perhaps the third is Rush Limbaugh.  (Don't laugh--he's forgotten more about political philosophy than the entire staff of National Review ever knew.)
  3. We need a new journal of opinion.  The Weekly Standard is Hollywood; National Review is overrun with wimps and cowards; the others lack seriousness. A new magazine, backed with billions, could inspire a new generation.
  4. We must target teachers' unions and education. CORRECTION: [_I copied portions of this from a draft I never posted, for good reason, and copied the wrong damn paragraph at that. _]  The NEA has a stated purpose of gaining complete control of US Federal legislation.  It has protected teachers who, without parental permission, require kindergartners to sign Gay Pledge cards; teachers who place communist "social justice" indoctrination above actual education; teachers who intentionally undermine the authority of parents.  Conservatism must view these people as _bad_ teachers.  The way to remove them is to destroy the NEA's financial ability to defend them.
  5. Stop spending.  Hoard your money like a miser.  We have no reason to support the American economy.
  6. Identify one fresh, conservative candidate for US House and Senate NOW and push them. (One candidate in each state, of course.  That's 50 gains in the House and 10 gains in the Senate, considering the rotation.)
  7. Potential candidates need to put the movement before themselves.  No more fights to the death only to tear apart the certain winner.
  8. Be nice.  This will be very difficult for me, but I'll try if you will.  More Reagan will help.
  9. Read "Democracy in America" and "The Conservative Manifesto."  One predicts what happened; the other prepares the recovery.
  10. Have a drink.  I have to run to the store for six pack.

Domnus vobiscum, and God bless America.

Note on correction  My wife, whom I love and admire beyond reason, performs small miracles (and some large) with students every day as a special education teacher.  I certainly did not mean to hurt or denigrate her or the many wonderful teachers like her.  I apologize for my copying error.  I chose not publish the original post precisely because it read “mean.”  I was hasty and unobservant.  I beg your forgiveness.

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