Drudge Headlines Paint Dreary Picture

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Drudge has posted two headline: Obama + 15 in Pennsylvania (where Black Panthers and election judges made sure no Republicans could actually vote), and SENATE: DEMS SEE 58 SEATS; EXIT POLLS SHOW OBAMA BIG

I wouldn’t make too much of it, though. Urban area tend to dump more data at the mid-day collection than suburban and rural areas do. Remember that in 2004, the media all but called Ohio for Kerry at 3:00 in the afternoon based on exit poll results.

Nor would I read too much into reports of Obama supporters getting urgent text messages saying that the race was closer than they expected and directing them to call phone numbers to take part in a last-ditch GOTV effort (h/t Hotair). The text was probably real, but it was also written and scheduled in Obama’s CRM system a month ago. It would have gone out even if McCain had dropped out of the election on Friday.

So, for a little while, America remains a semi-free, quasi democracy.

UPDATE: McCain pollster positive on Florida, upbeat overall

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