7:30 PM CST: Could be the last half-hour of self-government **Scroll for Updates** Exit polls over-sampled Obama voters by 10 percent in Virginia

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The chair from which George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention had, at the head of its back, a carved image of the sun. When the Convention concluded with the Constitution, Madison wrote, Benjamin Franklin said, “I have often looked at that behind the president without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now I… know that it is a rising…sun.”

Tonight it is a setting sun.

Tonight the short history of the world’s best hope for democracy ended in a selfish fit of suicide.

UPDATE: Megan Kelly just called the election for Obama, if I heard correctly.

UPDATE 7:38: Fox calls Georgia for McCain, well within the hour Allahpundit identified as the “oh crap” line. But CNN is about call to Florida for Obama.

UPDATE 7:42: Saxby Chambliss retains his Senate according to Fox News. Huge hold for the GOP. Republicans need only one more win to block cloture.

NOTE: I could call up the voters and ask them how they voted faster than Fox News' election map loads. Who tested that piece of crap? Web designers–use Flash very carefully. Interactive Flash-based applications usually suck for the user, but the demo beautifully.

UPDATE 7:52: Fox says it can’t call many states that closed 7:00 EST because of a very large error ratio between exit polls and actual vote are very large. In Virginia counties where Obama polled well, the WPE (Within Precinct Error) is 10.6%. That’s a huge number. In precincts where the WPE is high, responsible journalists wait until all votes are counted.

UPDATE 7:57: With 43 percent of votes counted in Florida, Obama’s lead grows to 200,000.

Closing out this post. See 8:00 post.

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