7:00 PM CST: Could be the last hour of self-government

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In the next hour, Obama could win Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri, and/or other states. Any combination of Florida or Pennsylvania, and one of the others will end McCain’s chances of winning.

What’s the appropriate song to sing when democracy dies? Sam played, “As time goes by” as the Germans marched into Paris. Maybe that’s the song.

The Germans, by the way, wore gray. Will Obama wear blue?

UPDATE 7:06: MSNBC calls Pennsylvania for Obama, but the link is to Hotair because I won’t link to the commie bastards at MSNBC.

UPDATE 7:08: Fox News calls McConnell to retain his Senate seat in Kentucky, which is a good sign for Republicans.

UPDATE 7:09: The idiot Elizabeth Dole lost thanks to her idiot ads, according to Fox News. GOP has lost 2 of 3 open Senate seats.

UPDATE 7:11: According to Steve Kornacki (via Allahpundit), Obama needs to flip only one red state worth 11 EVs.

UPDATE 7:13: Fox calls New Hampshire for Obama. The end is near.

UPDATE 7:22: ABC News now calls PA for Obama. Fox is NOT calling PA because there’s no votes counted. ABC and NBC are basing their projections solely on exit polls.

Note: FoxNews.com’s Flash election map SUCKS

UPDATE 7:25: Fox News give New Hampshire Senate race to Jeanne Shaheen, taking away Sununu’s seat. Net +3 for Democrats in Senate.

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