Would You Bet Your Freedom?

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In almost every toss-up, battleground state in the country, there remains a mass of undecided voters who must decide whether socialism or freedom will prevail. They must make this decision by 7:00 p.m. Tuesday.  

They better not take it lightly.

If Barack Obama wins, America will no longer be a free country when anyone can grow up to be President or CEO of a company.  We know this by Obama’s writings and words and those of his Congressional allies.  They will cut defense by 25 percent, make treaties with communist and Islamofacist dictators, and create a class of workers dependent upon property stolen from others for their lifestyle.  In short, America will cease being American. 

If you would not bet your freedom on a football game, you must vote Republican on November 4.  I’m serious about this.  A vote for Obama is like betting life in a federal penatentiary on the outcome of a football game.  What would your family think of you if you lost?  What would you think of yourself?  

If you do not vote, or if you vote for Obama, and Obama wins, you will be responsible for destroying the “last best hope for democracy.”   You will have sold your grandchildren into slavery for a widescreen television set.  

If you vote for Obama, you owe the world an apology.  You’ll owe me and millions of Americans reparations. 

If you vote for Obama, you will lose your freedom.