Media Have Become The Monsters The Right Always Accused Them of Being

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If you tell a child he’s “bad” for long enough, there’s a good chance he’ll turn out badly. If you tell the country loudly enough that we’re on brink of the worst financial meltdown since The Great Depression, consumer and investor behavior might just bring it on. After 30 years of us conservatives calling the major media a bunch leftists Marxists seeking to overthrow capitalism through selective burying and publishing of news, we might have expected one day to be right.

Welcome to one day.

In this campaign, some of the most respected news organizations, always left of center, became full-time advocates for one political candidate. They buried factual and pertinent stories that might have hurt their candidate’s chances. They vilified their candidate’s opponent with false stories, often made from whole cloth. They illegally stole personal information from government computer systems hoping to discredit their candidate’s opponents. They carried out an illegal and uninvestigated internal spying and disinformation campaign that makes Watergate look like a high school prank.

What can be done? Under the First Amendment, the press have every right to purposely suppress news, just as it has a right to publish legally obtained news. That’s the editorial decision. But intelligent people will ignore the major media in major ways.

* Don't buy newspapers--any newspapers** Don't advertise in newspapers** Don't advertise on television during any news programming of any kind, including local** Don't visit web sites of news organizations that routinely break the law, aid and abet enemy combatants, suppress news that counters their biases, or routinely prints false stories about political opponents. These corrupt organizations include:** AP** Reuters** CNN** MSNBC** NBC** The New York Times** The Washington Post** Los Angeles Times** PBS** Don't hire anyone who has previously worked for any of these news organizations or their parent companies (especially General Electric)   

Simple steps that responsible, patriotic Americans can take every day to help destroy these corrupt organizations. Have no doubt: they have each done far crueler things to many, many innocent people.

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